1. D

    messagebox text

    Hi Guys, I use message a lot in my apps but am looking for some way to format the message text to make it larger and for it to stand out. I scoured the net but couldn't find any answer. Maybe it can't be done! Kind regardd
  2. peterthottam

    Question MessageBox / InputBox question involving Do While Loops

    Question: How to code using MesssageBox and w/ do-while loops? I want o be able to obtain (via InputBox function) from the user and print a pyramid of numbers where 1 is at the top and each row then builds successively by adding one to the previous one, i.e. so row 2 would have 12, and row three...
  3. W

    Extended MessageBox .NET Library (Windows Forms)

    This is an extension to MessageBox.Show (via CBT hook), not a replacement, not a user-defined dialog. The library provides .NET applications with means of controlling a variety of MessageBox dialog settings: - adjusting initial position and size of the dialog - selecting message font and...
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