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May 29, 2011
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Hope you can help, i've written a program for work that kills windows explorer (effectively hides desktop icons, taskbar and start menu) so no users can access the internet from our machines, this works well as most machines are touch screen so no keys can be pressed and no access to OSK, but to go a step further I am needing to disable the CTRL key when explorer is not running (Killed in my program) then enable it when they are back (Active in my program).
I've searched Google and seen a lot of ideas but none seems to work, i've got a timer that kills task manager if it starts up, the reason i need to stop CTRL is incase a keyboard is present on the machine i need to stop any shortcuts from being activated and they mostly seem to use the CTRL key.
I know they might be other short cuts but the guys who use my machines aren't the brightest bunch of people in the world but they might be one that 'is reight good ont tinternet'.
Cheers for any advice Mark


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Oct 18, 2011
Montreal, QC, CA
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You can register a global hotkey inside your application, to catch when people press CTRL. I am not sure however if that will prevent them from Alt-Ctrl-Del though, as I think this is handled below explorer. Instead you should configure the machine to disallow what you want through group policies.
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