Question Deploying a Console Application by only copying the Bin Directory


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May 13, 2013
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I am wanting to have a deployment process for console applications, similar to the web deployments. I am looking for a way to copy all the contents of the "Release" directory into a network share directory via VS deployment process.
I know, this seems strange, however, these applications are used for batch for internal jobs. However, they have to go thru the development process, dev, uat, production. Since our process is only to copy/paste and not install, I am limited to this process. The problem with copy/pasting from the UAT environment is that we are getting UAT server settings instead of production. I'm trying to make this as efficient as possible without having our deployment team do much thinking.
So the main question: What is the process to deploy a console application from visual studio where the results are, essentially, copy/pasting from the Release directory to the target directory on the remote server?
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