1. N

    Question Drag Drop Files works in Visual Studio but fails in deployed version

    I have a windows application that can drag and drop files from File Explorer/Desktop into a listbox. It works fine in the Visual Studio Express 2013 environment in both debug and release builds. I have created an exe using Inno5 and when deployed as a stand-alone version - the drag and drop...
  2. IAmCoder

    Question Deploying a Console Application by only copying the Bin Directory

    I am wanting to have a deployment process for console applications, similar to the web deployments. I am looking for a way to copy all the contents of the "Release" directory into a network share directory via VS deployment process. I know, this seems strange, however, these applications are...
  3. Grafix

    Question Deploy Applications

    Hi dudes, am newbie in VB.NET applications. I finished my school project successfully. I created a setup project to deploy my system but its not doing what i want after installations, i meant i don't know how to include the database i created using mysql server into the .exe/.msi package...
  4. V

    various question starting with Windows services

    Hello All, I'm in need to create a windows service that accesses an URL at given intervals, while easy to do as a desktop application, I'm struggling to turn it into a windows service. I've removed all user interaction, and need to load an XML file onStart() of the windows service and when the...
  5. S

    Question VB Express 2008 / SQL CE Publish Issue

    Hello, I've seen some similar threads on here but no resolution. I have an app written with VB Express 2008 which uses SQL Compact Edition 3.5, the DB that comes shipped with VB Express 2008. When I publish, I can run the app on my machine (development machine). When I try and install on...