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Apr 3, 2013
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Hi, I am doing my first AS/A level year and I am doing computing coursework at the moment in which I struggle a lot. My coursework is based on this following link:
(Please have a read through the link above before continuing the post so you can understand better)

I have managed to add the customer file, so I can register a customer and its details into a file. But how can I add a booking file(maybe two booking files, one for Friday and one for Saturday). So when a customer wants to book a seat, the customer is shown all the seats available and not available. And from there, he/she chooses the isle, row and seat. It is just like adding the customer file but however, it'll be different. I have made a video of my program in action and I have explained as well of the things that I would like to add.
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Summary - My question.
So how can I display the seating arrangements(exactly how it is as I have done in 'Sub Seats') in 2-D array so all the seating(Only numbers and not letters) are green at the start and once they are booked, that specific seat number turns into RED so when another customer books a seat on Friday, that seat would be RED so he won't be able to re-book that seat.

I am attaching two text documents. One document contains the source code of my Customer File and the other document contains the 2-Dimensional Array(I got this file from internet. It is similar to what I would like the booking file to do so that when the option 4 is chosen in Customer Menu, as shown in the video, the customer would be shown the exact seating arrangement as I have done in Sub Seats, so using this 2-D array, all the seats would be Green until a specific seat is booked which then turns red, and when the next customer books, it would tell him/her that this seat is already booked as shown from the RED color of that seat). Just copy the codes from word document and paste it in Console Application in Visual Basic. If somebody can help me write this code, I will really appreciate it as I have been stuck on it for few weeks and I have nobody to help me so I am depending on you guys please.

Thank You Very much for taking your time out reading this.


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