.net 4

  1. IAmCoder

    Question Deploying a Console Application by only copying the Bin Directory

    I am wanting to have a deployment process for console applications, similar to the web deployments. I am looking for a way to copy all the contents of the "Release" directory into a network share directory via VS deployment process. I know, this seems strange, however, these applications are...
  2. T

    Attempted to create well-known object of type 'IFTObj.InterfaceFTObj'. Well-known obj

    I have the following Projects : IFTObj : Interface FTObj : Remote object hosted in EXE. This objects inherits MarshalByRefObject and implements the IFTObj interface. In this Object I have two classes 'clsFTObj' and 'clsSQLDBWrapper'. Class 'clsFTObj' inherits MarshalByRefObject. Class...
  3. P

    Question How to obtain the first line of a multiline text field saved into database?

    I have a multi-line textbox whose text is saved into database. Now I need to obtain only the first line of the text to be shown in a datagridview. How can I do it?
  4. Grayda

    Question Charting and annotations

    I've managed to get a good grip on the charting component that was introduced with .NET 4. I've managed to create a chart, add some series and legends and plot out some data. I've also worked out annotations in the designer, but cannot do so programatically. I've searched on a few sites, but...