Creating Multiple Browser Tabs within the IDE


Jan 9, 2012
Programming Experience
I got this to work last night, but only after spending close to 20 minutes researching it. I think this indicates the IDE is not using common desktop UI metaphors to create new browser tabs.

For instance, in Chrome, a user can create a new tab or duplicate an existing tab by right clicking on an existing tab and selecting the appropriate action in the context menu. In VS2010, the only way I could achieve this functionality was to right click on a link and select "open link in new window".

What I would like to see is the IDE handling this task in the same way as other modern browsers. There is also the issue of how new tabs are opened. I prefer my new tabs to be opened to the right of an existing tab, but the IDE opens the tab to the left of the existing tab. I'd be interested to know if this is customisable.
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