1. LeeHnetinka

    Question what is the best alternative ide to visual studio for beginners?

    Hello Friends, Lee Hnetinka confused, what is the best alternative IDE to visual studio for beginners?
  2. D

    Creating Multiple Browser Tabs within the IDE

    I got this to work last night, but only after spending close to 20 minutes researching it. I think this indicates the IDE is not using common desktop UI metaphors to create new browser tabs. For instance, in Chrome, a user can create a new tab or duplicate an existing tab by right clicking on...
  3. K

    File menu bug?

    In VS2005 and VS2008 IDE's, when I click on File in the menu, there's a long delay (like a DLL loading or whatever) and then nothing happens. So I have to click the File option again for the menu to actually display. Seems like a bug to me. Anyone else experience this? - Kane
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