1. H

    Question Creating an IDE using AlterNET Studio

    A while ago I found a library called AlterNET Studio that allows you to create an IDE using VB .net but the documentation is very confusing and the example codes are also very confusing and the library is paid, does anyone know any alternative or can at least understand the documentation for...
  2. Kirito

    VB.Net in Jetbrains Rider - Help!?

    Hi :) I'm using Jetbrains Rider. It's nice, but the VB.Net support is kinda buggy currently. There are some tickets open for some quite important stuff, but jetbrains decided now to not further investigate until the tickets get enough upvotes. I guess they think there are not enough people...
  3. LeeHnetinka

    Question what is the best alternative ide to visual studio for beginners?

    Hello Friends, Lee Hnetinka confused, what is the best alternative IDE to visual studio for beginners?
  4. D

    Creating Multiple Browser Tabs within the IDE

    I got this to work last night, but only after spending close to 20 minutes researching it. I think this indicates the IDE is not using common desktop UI metaphors to create new browser tabs. For instance, in Chrome, a user can create a new tab or duplicate an existing tab by right clicking on...
  5. K

    File menu bug?

    In VS2005 and VS2008 IDE's, when I click on File in the menu, there's a long delay (like a DLL loading or whatever) and then nothing happens. So I have to click the File option again for the menu to actually display. Seems like a bug to me. Anyone else experience this? - Kane