1. B

    New tabs for a web browser

    I am making a web browser, and I am trying to add a new tab by clicking a menu strip item;However, I am having trouble with the tabs themselves. The first tab works normally, but when I add a new tab, it adds the tab but it also gets rid of the web browser in the previous tab.I do not plan to...
  2. D

    Creating Multiple Browser Tabs within the IDE

    I got this to work last night, but only after spending close to 20 minutes researching it. I think this indicates the IDE is not using common desktop UI metaphors to create new browser tabs. For instance, in Chrome, a user can create a new tab or duplicate an existing tab by right clicking on...
  3. JuggaloBrotha

    Question Verticle Tab control

    Has anyone seen a control or know how to make a control/modify the existing tab control to display tabs vertically on the left edge of the control? By vertically I mean the tab text still reads horizontally but are vertically stacked. Something similar to this (you all should recognize it):