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Jul 5, 2005
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I didn't know where else I should post this to get some advice about a software package. I am trying to find something that will allow me to create and maintain a library of classes for work. In other words I am trying to find a way to catalog classes and make it easy for users to search for them. I have been able to find some like logicLibrary and OSTnet AMS but I would like something that expands on this further so that I am able to include searches on other libraries that we use and don't have code for, other DLLs, and the mainframe. The features of these products are what we are after, we just want to be able to include more searchable assets as logicLibrary and OSTnet AMS seemed to be primarily focussed on web services and SOA. Does anyone have any idea if there are any other products out there we could look at using?
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