Question Cannot associate a file type to a debug build or release build.


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Jul 11, 2011
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Some specifics about my situation: I'm working on a simple app in Express version of VS.Net 2010. I am transferring the project files between 2 computers. My home computer and my work computer. At home I have Windows 7. At work I have Windows XP.

When I first began the project I was able to assign a file association to my .exe. After taking the project between work and home, at some point the file association stopped working. So I started building in release mode at which point file association started working again....but only in release build...not in debug build. After a little bit that workaround failed. I went into debug options and disabled the add optimizations check box....then the release build started accepting file type associations once again...but still not debug build. This was working but all of a suddon, neither release or debug mode will accept file type association regardless of optimization option being checked/unchecked. I think it may have to do with opening the project in Windows XP half the time, Windows 7 the other half.

I have searched google and can't find any similar experiences. Editing the registry doesn't work. Assigning the association through windows manually doesn't work. I select my .exe to assign the association and it takes me back to the application selection list....but doesn't add my .exe to the list whereas before, it would add my .exe to the list and then I'd select it and assign the association.

I am not familiar with all of the settings in Visual Studio but I am convinced it has to be a setting somewhere that is disallowing my build from being elidgible to receive file type association.

Any insight is appreciated,

Update: This info may help. I created a brand new project and put in some dummy code. I tested the brand new .exe app with debug build and release build and both were able to accept file associations. That means my problem is specific to the project I've been working on at work and home.

I have found a workaround solution to this problem Using a program called "OpenWithAdd" I was able to get the
.exe file added to the "Open With" application list. Even though all other methods failed, this program must use
some method unknown to me. Regardless, it is now working so I will provide the link to the program in case anybody else ever has this


Registering programs with the "Open With" dialog