1. D

    Question Cannot associate a file type to a debug build or release build.

    Some specifics about my situation: I'm working on a simple app in Express version of VS.Net 2010. I am transferring the project files between 2 computers. My home computer and my work computer. At home I have Windows 7. At work I have Windows XP. When I first began the project I was able to...
  2. D

    Question How to associate two windows forms?

    In my VS-2008 (VB.Net) application, I am using a background worker to make my main form more responsive. In case of any error (in DoWork event) I m displaying the error on another form. In this case main form can’t be a parent of error form so if main form is clicked, error form go in the...
  3. Vermiculus

    Question File Type Associtions

    Hello! I am trying to create a new file type to go with my program, and create the file associations for it. I thought you could do this from the Project Properties -> My Extensions tab, but it seems I was mistaken.. I'm not exactly sure. But what I want to do is 'protect' a text document by...
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