Call ASP Website from IIS without using localhost


Aug 25, 2008
Johannesburg, South Africa
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Hi Everyone, well this is my first post and I have a question that could help me solve, what might be a simple setup, a problem I'm having.

The webpage I'm working on utilizes many different servers for specific portions of the entire company intranet. Prior to the problem I've been facing, the application calls other apps by using the following format "http://servername/appName"

I've set up a new application and its required that I dont expose the 'servername' portion when redirecting to the oppropriate server. Instead I'm to all the application using the following: "http://appName"

I've created a virtual directory for the app and have mapped it. I've tried a few things like specifying a TCP Port, IP Address, creating a New Website Outside of the Default Website section, buit within the WebSites Folder in IIS.

I've tried using the virtual directory and the actual folder on the pc for location of the source files for the app.

Can someone tell me what I've missed or what I've done wrong?

Your help will be really appreciated.
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