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  1. awooster

    Question Loop to test if cell has anything in it?

    I want to use a loop to check to see if there is any data in the first column of a row, if there is data I want it to go to the next row and check again, once it finds an empty row, I want it to right data from an array I have created. I understand the concepts of loops and incrementing to make...
  2. K

    cd/dvd burning

    Hello, I want to create a cd/dvd burning application, can you sugest me any tutorials with code? Thank you Kyriakos
  3. S

    Available Looking for .NET practitioners 3.5 – 5 yrs experience interested in BFSI doman

    Send your resume to recruitment@corpcampus.net Miles Software is a leading Software Product Company offering innovative and value-driven solutions to the Financial Services industry. The company has strong presence in capital markets, banks, broking, insurance and mutual fund segments. Miles...
  4. gamecodingguides

    Making a 3d video game

    Hey everyone , I've been working on this project for a while now. My goal was to build a decent 3d video game with professional quality using VB. I made another demo video just showing a quick sample of small town scenario. All of the code for this project is open source. I'll have a link to...
  5. Shane Magdaraog

    Question Planning to make a schedule builder

    Hello, We have a baby thesis this semester and we decided to make a class scheduler. Are there any experts who can enlighten us to this? Like things to remember and simple hints? We would like to create a.. Schedule Builder in a table environment Can Alarm when there is a conflict time Can...
  6. J

    VB. NET developer!

    We are looking for a talented .NET developer (long term contract) to do maintenance work for a legacy system. Must be proficient in in VB.net, PHP, Javascript and jquery. We are located in Pasadena, CA. Please send your resume, code samples and rate. This is on-site work only. This position...
  7. S

    Question How to call web service using XML input?

    Hi All, I am new to VB .NET. I have a doubt regarding calling web service from VB .NET. Currently I am using SOAP UI which uses XML as input to pass on values to webservice. When i click run button on SOAP UI with correct XML i will get appropriate Response in output window (XML Response). My...
  8. P

    Question Prevent manually opening Excel instance during Automation

    Hi, I have a VB .Net windows application that generates reports in excel files from a dataset. I use "New Excel.Application" to create the application, delete all but one worksheet to begin with, and push data from my dataset in a loop. During this process, I do not show the Excel GUI to the...
  9. K

    How can I benefit from a listbox in a detailsview with a many-to-many relationship

    Hi, I'm trying to design a detailsView form which contains [classes] --< [studentClasses] >-- [students] tables. There is a many to many relationship between [classes] and [students] through the third table [studentClasses]. I want to design the detailsView of [classes] such as that all...
  10. S

    Resolved Is there somewhere i can download vb .net 2005?

    i've looked all over xanadu, but i can't find a copy of visual basic .net 2005 express edition... my computer died (not a metaphor or personification; it literally died (it was alive)), so i need to download it again... does anyone know of a site that still offers this program?
  11. G

    Publish Crystal Report?

    Hi, I need your help. I'm trying to publish my application using the Publish tab from the Solution Explorer > Properties.. It produced the exe file and everything, and when i tried to install it in another PC, the error shows: The type initializer for...
  12. D

    Call ASP Website from IIS without using localhost

    Hi Everyone, well this is my first post and I have a question that could help me solve, what might be a simple setup, a problem I'm having. The webpage I'm working on utilizes many different servers for specific portions of the entire company intranet. Prior to the problem I've been facing, the...
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