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  1. H

    Question Creating an IDE using AlterNET Studio

    A while ago I found a library called AlterNET Studio that allows you to create an IDE using VB .net but the documentation is very confusing and the example codes are also very confusing and the library is paid, does anyone know any alternative or can at least understand the documentation for...
  2. A

    Open other window

    Hello, How I can open my other window (called Window1.xaml) with Visual Basic? Thanks for answers.
  3. awooster

    Question Loop to test if cell has anything in it?

    I want to use a loop to check to see if there is any data in the first column of a row, if there is data I want it to go to the next row and check again, once it finds an empty row, I want it to right data from an array I have created. I understand the concepts of loops and incrementing to make...
  4. K

    cd/dvd burning

    Hello, I want to create a cd/dvd burning application, can you sugest me any tutorials with code? Thank you Kyriakos
  5. S

    Available Looking for .NET practitioners 3.5 – 5 yrs experience interested in BFSI doman

    Send your resume to recruitment@corpcampus.net Miles Software is a leading Software Product Company offering innovative and value-driven solutions to the Financial Services industry. The company has strong presence in capital markets, banks, broking, insurance and mutual fund segments. Miles...
  6. gamecodingguides

    Making a 3d video game

    Hey everyone , I've been working on this project for a while now. My goal was to build a decent 3d video game with professional quality using VB. I made another demo video just showing a quick sample of small town scenario. All of the code for this project is open source. I'll have a link to...
  7. Shane Magdaraog

    Question Planning to make a schedule builder

    Hello, We have a baby thesis this semester and we decided to make a class scheduler. Are there any experts who can enlighten us to this? Like things to remember and simple hints? We would like to create a.. Schedule Builder in a table environment Can Alarm when there is a conflict time Can...
  8. J

    VB. NET developer!

    We are looking for a talented .NET developer (long term contract) to do maintenance work for a legacy system. Must be proficient in in VB.net, PHP, Javascript and jquery. We are located in Pasadena, CA. Please send your resume, code samples and rate. This is on-site work only. This position...
  9. S

    Question How to call web service using XML input?

    Hi All, I am new to VB .NET. I have a doubt regarding calling web service from VB .NET. Currently I am using SOAP UI which uses XML as input to pass on values to webservice. When i click run button on SOAP UI with correct XML i will get appropriate Response in output window (XML Response). My...
  10. P

    Question Prevent manually opening Excel instance during Automation

    Hi, I have a VB .Net windows application that generates reports in excel files from a dataset. I use "New Excel.Application" to create the application, delete all but one worksheet to begin with, and push data from my dataset in a loop. During this process, I do not show the Excel GUI to the...
  11. K

    How can I benefit from a listbox in a detailsview with a many-to-many relationship

    Hi, I'm trying to design a detailsView form which contains [classes] --< [studentClasses] >-- [students] tables. There is a many to many relationship between [classes] and [students] through the third table [studentClasses]. I want to design the detailsView of [classes] such as that all...
  12. S

    Resolved Is there somewhere i can download vb .net 2005?

    i've looked all over xanadu, but i can't find a copy of visual basic .net 2005 express edition... my computer died (not a metaphor or personification; it literally died (it was alive)), so i need to download it again... does anyone know of a site that still offers this program?
  13. G

    Publish Crystal Report?

    Hi, I need your help. I'm trying to publish my application using the Publish tab from the Solution Explorer > Properties.. It produced the exe file and everything, and when i tried to install it in another PC, the error shows: The type initializer for...
  14. D

    Call ASP Website from IIS without using localhost

    Hi Everyone, well this is my first post and I have a question that could help me solve, what might be a simple setup, a problem I'm having. The webpage I'm working on utilizes many different servers for specific portions of the entire company intranet. Prior to the problem I've been facing, the...