Question How to call web service using XML input?


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Nov 13, 2010
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Hi All,
I am new to VB .NET. I have a doubt regarding calling web service from VB .NET.

Currently I am using SOAP UI which uses XML as input to pass on values to webservice. When i click run button on SOAP UI with correct XML i will get appropriate Response in output window (XML Response).
My understanding on web services:
My understanding on calling web services from VB .NET is after we add a WSDL through VB .NET, we can call the web service with appropriate values using the function name. In this case the values will be converted as XML and SOAP will take care of speaking to the web service through XML and it will get back response.
Now i want to call the webservice from VB .NET itself. i.e. i will pass the XML with values as input for the web service and i need to get the appropriate response from web service. How i can achieve this?

Thanks in advance.
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