Question Assign datasets to grids in 3 tier architecture


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Aug 6, 2008
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Am not sure if this is the place to post this question but here goes. I have an application with 3 tier architecture. From my understanding i have a data access layer that get and updates database. Business layer has the rules and imports the DAL. The presentation layer imports just the BAL. Now if i have a grid on the presentation layer the only way i can assign the datasource to it is through code. If i try from the designer i will not see the datasets as they are in DAL and the presentation layer does not have a reference to DAL. Now someone told me that in order to see the datasets in the designer i need to import the DAL as well in the presentation layer. I thought that was not the correct design and the presentation should only have reference to BAL and BAL has reference to DAL. Is this design correct or do i need to import DAL in the presentation layer aswell. If this is correct can someone please tell me how to assign data sets in the designer as if i do it by code i have to manually type the names of all the columns which would be a major pain.
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