1. S

    Insert Multiple row to DataGrid from populated unbound combobox

    hi there, im trying to insert multiple rows in a datagrid by item inside a combox heres my code For i = 1 To IndexTotalItems Dim row1() As String = {cb_series.Items(i)} Dim rows() As Object = {row1} Dim row As String() For Each row In...
  2. H

    Copy excel data to datagrid

    Hi, i have a windows form with a datagrid, and i want the user to be able to copy and paste the data i am going to perform calculations on, into the grid in a certain column. For simpilicity, we can assume that they have copied the correct numerical values to the clipboard from excel, and they...
  3. C

    DataGrid Check Box Keeps Rechecking Itself

    I have a datagrid with a CheckBox Column. Everytime I try unchecking it and checking the next cell down it rechecks the Checkbox cell I just unchecked. Does anyone know what I could use to stop it from rechecking a DataGridCheckBoxColumn when leaving that cell and checking another one? I've...
  4. J

    Printing Datagrid

    Hello guys , i'm new to here i was trying to print all data in Datagridview , i searched a lot and i came across code below , i just don't know what coder means by queryform , any help will be thankful '在按钮事件里调用print 类的方法'如: '调用打印 queryform.DataGrid1.DataSource =...
  5. K

    Question search in Datagridview using TextBox - without using Database Connectivity

    I need your assistance to filter the values in Datagrid by using text box. Whenever the I type the value in Text-box, it filters the values in data grid without using any database connectivity. I got the below coding but it is not working and it is not filtering anything. Please provide me the...
  6. B

    Question from datagrid to textbox

    i have a datagrid and i am not sure which event to use or how to use it. I want a situation whereby a user clicks or selects an item and it shows in a textbox then i have a button that will delete that item from the database
  7. G

    Question Is using a DataGrid the best way?

    Hi, I've got an application that I'm re-writing in WPF (was in WinForms) and I've hit a bit of a problem. I have a form where i want the user to be able to enter contact details. There are 3 fields, contact type (phone, mobile, email etc), contact details (the actualy number) and a notes...
  8. N

    Datagrid's scrolling giving error after selecting row

    When I am scrolling datagrid after selecting one row I am getting error as "An unhandled exception of type 'System.StackOverflowException' occurred in System.Windows.Forms.dll" on line : MyBase.Edit(source, rowNum, bounds, [readOnly]...
  9. S

    Question How to prepopulate a listbox populated by dataset

    I have a datagrid which has one custom column(List Box) which should be populated from the resultset of a SQL Stored Procedure. I used dataset to handle and assign the values to custom column(List Box). List box is populating from the dataset but i'm unable to show the default(actual) value in...
  10. D

    SQL String not working to populate datagrid

    Greetings I am just starting out with data access and vb net. I have the following code that works fine if the value of textbox txt_HorseName.Text is not populated, the if statement does evaluate to true and the where clause is not added to the SQL string. The SQL string is valid for both...
  11. B

    Repeater or Datagrid? Which is the best to use?

    I would like to create dynamically, a new row on my webpage for every object in my collection of objects... (these objects represent a select number services running on the local machine) In this row I would like two buttons (start & stop) and some labels showing the current status of these...
  12. A

    Question Display data from a dataTable or SqlDataAdapter

    Probably various ways of doing this and reasons why some ways are better than others. I am probably not going about things the best way but owing to my limited experience, it is what it is and any help would be much appreciated. I have pulled data from a sql database, put into a...
  13. A

    How can I speed up importing CSV files to Datagrid and creating new data

    Hi everyone, I am a noobie and learning as I go. I have been working on a Windows form in (VB studio 2010 using which will load a CSV file into a Datagrid control and then create new data in the data grid based of the imported data. I have tinkered around and come up with the...
  14. K

    Question Syntax of adding combobox to get field

    Hi, On the form, the user have to pick 4 different fields from combobox and then it will show into DataGridView here the code.. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Dim EmployeeInt As New AcoSDK.Employee017 DataGridView1.Columns.Add("id", "ID")...
  15. P

    Datagrid bind using objects

    hi! i created a class i invoke the class as object in vb.forms i want bind object(parameters) to datagrid when return as arraylist from methods in form_load. i want to bind arraylist to datagird in form_load. it will bind, the grid show all the parameter from arraylist. but i want few columns...
  16. N

    Datagrid based off SP with a parameter

    Hey everyone, I just started doing some coding in VB.Net with Visual Studio 2005. I need some help please! Basically on my form I have a new datagrid called DGBcs, I want this to populate with data from the stored procedure that accepts a parameter from another form. I would like the datagrid...
  17. kaizen

    Question Show Check Box in DataGrid

    Hi All. I am using the code below to show the results of a dataset that I want to import in to a database. I want to add a new column (as the first one) that shows a check box. If the check box is ticked then I will import the record if it is not then I wil skip the record. How do i show a...
  18. N

    save all the data from datagrid to ms excel?

    Hello everyone! Please bare with me because I'm new to .I do have problem, I cannot save data from datagrid to excel. I use inputbox so user can input data to datagrid. Then the user can click the button to save it to excel. Can someone please show me some code on how to create that? Thanks!
  19. B

    Question Get DataGrid sort direction

    Hi, I know how to set sorting direction on each column in datagrid programatically, but I wonder how to do the opposite: obtain the sorting direction for a particular column. Does anyone know? Thanks
  20. B

    DataGrid Column Position

    Hello, I have a datagrid in my project and I want to place label controls above each of its columns and those labels should stay above each column even when I resize columns. I need something like "Datagrid.Columns(i).Left", but of course there is no such property. Is there a way to obtain such...
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