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    Question Binding a data table made using a query to a report (RDLC)

    Hey guys I am new to RDLC, so I need some help. I have made a form, embedded the reporting viewer in it, and made an rdlc report with the data source as an access database on the network. I have added all the tables, so I can access all of them in the dataset that was created with this...
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    Question Saving changes to 2 datasets but only 1 of them updates

    Hi, newbie here! :nevreness: I've been try for days to see what I've done wrong but can't figure it out for the life of me. Here my problem. I'm using 2 sets of DataAdapter and Datasets. When I click my "Apply" button, the program does a set of basic calculation and save the changes in the...
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    ReportViewer OK in Development, but no data in deployment

    I have a rdlc report that displays data passed to the form from a dataset created in memory. On my development platform (Windows 7 with VS2010) the report displays both the Reports Parameters passed to it Parameters = New ReportParameter("DeliveryDate", strDeliverDate)...
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    Child list for field .. .cannot be created in joined tables

    My original query for data from the database was: Dim SQL_RecentWorkOrders As String = "Select * from workorder WHERE date>#" + dtToday.AddYears(-YearsToGoBack).ToString + "# ORDER BY worknum DESC" The updated query is as follows: Dim SQL_RecentWorkOrders As...
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    Question Deserializing Data Back To A Dataset But Data Is Not Persisted To DB

    Hello All, I have a situation where I serialize data from a dataset to an xml file as a method of backup. I am trying to get the data deserialized back to the dataset. But for some reason, I cannot get the data to persist back to the DB. I don't receive any error messages either. The first...
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    Question Count rows on dataset with WHERE condition

    Hello, I have a dataset that I search using the dataset.tables("table").Select("WHERE clause") method to query. I then use a datarepeater to display the results. Is there a way to programatically tell if no results are returned? I'm aware of the Dataset.tables.Rows.count, but can this...
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    Question Assign datasets to grids in 3 tier architecture

    HI, Am not sure if this is the place to post this question but here goes. I have an application with 3 tier architecture. From my understanding i have a data access layer that get and updates database. Business layer has the rules and imports the DAL. The presentation layer imports just the...