AbleCommerce Rocks!!!!


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Jun 3, 2004
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I currently use StoreFront 6 and have been working with BV Commerce 2004 for the past 9 months. Recently I stumbled upon AbleCommerce and I can say this is the solution we have been waiting for. It appears to be one outstanding ASP.NET e-commerce product. I have had nothing but troubles with StoreFront and BV is a nightmare, security issues, tremendously lacking in quality, it's extremely buggy and poorly designed like an application "thrown together." Check out the AbleCommerce documentation, it's impressive to say the least! I like the multiple database support, multiple stores per database, great relational DB design, outstanding shipping system, tax handling, discounts, ESD, configuration, themes, you name it, it has it! I can't wait to purchase my copy tomorrow so I can begin migrating to a great e-commerce solution I've been looking for over a year now!
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