A new stage of .Net visual controls creation

9Rays.Net Team

Jan 24, 2005
Programming Experience
9Rays.Net announces a break-through in the field of .NET visual components development – the release of Instrumentation Model Kit, an exceptionally functional and easy-to-use .NET visual components kit, a unity of a library of common controls: Meters, Dials, Sliders, Gauges, Switches, specialized elements: Manipulators, Scales, Special-purpose Devices and a full featured graphics editor allowing to create new controls.

Instrumentation Model Kit is a revolutionary solution in the field of instrumentation and graphic components for .NET. Full featured graphics editor allows creating new visual components having unique look and functionality by means of only a few mouse clicks. It can be both common controls such as, Meters, Dials, Sliders, Gauges, Odometers, Thermometers, Switches etc. and specialized elements for your industry: Manipulators, Scales, Special-purpose Devices and many others.

At the same time it is not necessary to create new controls starting from nothing – a rich library of ready-made components prepared by our designers is included in the package.

The elements you create can arbitrarily combine drawing primitives, bitmapped images and specialized elements (such as scales and sliders). The setting of controls’ appearance is simplified by means of controls styles utilization. Elaborate interactive objects’ action can be assigned without a single line of code.

The use of the given controls is by no means different from the one of any other components. It is enough to simply place a control onto the form and select an instrument from the library using the wizard, load it from the file or create a new one in the graphics editor. This is the library of 100% .NET managed components written in C#. It can be used with Visual Studio .NET 2003 or any other IDE supporting.NET Framework 1.1 (C# Builder,Delphi8).

Runtime is royalty free. Full source code is available. It is an ideal solution for creating hardware emulators, Computer Assisted Training, SCADA systems and human-engineered interfaces. The use of the template wizard carries in additional convenience and makes the work with Instrumentation Model Kit quicker and more efficient. The ability for multiple use of templates together with the one for individual controls settings and assigning individual styles to visual components contributes to infinite library expansion. This along with creation of new elements and specialized components availability excludes any limits of Instrumentation Model Kit use.

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