visual basic 2008

  1. M

    Graphics circles interact?

    Hey guys, Right now i'm working on a project trying to design a game in visual basic 2008 where you control a ball with your mouse and must dodge other circular balls that bounce around the screen. To accomplish this, I use the graphics generator to both generate my ball and the computer balls...
  2. M

    Question combo box value and text in vs 2008 for windows application

    hi, i want to load customerID and customerName in a combo bom. ID will be invisible and name will be visible in column using visual basic 2008 for windows application. thanx
  3. P

    Question WM_PRINT not working correctly

    For one of my programs I need some code that will be able to capture a WebBrowser control on TabPage1 and then put that image into a PictureBox on TabPage2. I've been struggling with finding examples of how to capture hidden windows and what I did find confuses me because I am not very a very...
  4. tgf-47

    Question I'm having problems loading a 2nd report into reportvierwiewer

    I have 2 reports in my project. That is 2 normal microsoft reports. In reportviewer1, my first report is set to be the default report "rptOne.rdlc" I want to add a button to my form that when clicked "rptTwo.rdlc" gets loaded and displayed in reportviewer1. I have tried this, but with...
  5. tgf-47

    Question Populating data ERROR--Please help

    I have this code that I am using:(calling a function) ViewReport(Application.StartupPath & "\This_proj.rpt", "select * from users", "@parameter1=test�mter2=10") but then I get this error message: A number, currency amount, boolean, date, date-time, or string is expected here. Error in file...
  6. R

    Question Need results from 3 Tables

    I have spent the day on this and still can't get it to give me the results I want. Here is my data: InvLocation (30,000 recs): ID Location InvAvail 9005 22BULK 1 9004 22BULK 1 9004 22BULK 2 9004 22BULK 1 9006 22BULK 1 Items (80,000 recs): ID Sku...
  7. A

    Question Hyperlink in a Richtextbox...

    I have got the code to create a Hyperlink in a richtextbox, I'll share it with you but to the experts, I have a question... Private Sub Form1_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load dim newlabel as new linklabel newlabel.Text =...
  8. A

    Question Help with Button selection at runtime?!

    I use Microsoft Visual Basic Express edition 2008 on my Windows XP SP2 and in it, in a Windows Form project, I add a button to my default form and set it's flatstyle to flat and borderwidth to 0. At runtime, when I click that button, I get a black color hollow box on that button at it's...
  9. R

    Question Need Help with some Advanced Programming

    I am still a beginner programmer so keep in mind that what I'm trying to do is beyond my knowledge but I have no one to teach me Visual Basic except from what little I can learn off of the internet. Currently, I am using Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition so my problem may be appear different if...
  10. K

    File Encryption

    i want to make a very simple project that will take a file as input and encrypt it and save the encrypted file. how can i do this using visual basic? user will put a 8-character( or more) length password only and will get the output without having too much headache. what type encryption...
  11. J

    Question Setting up dataset in vb code and querying dataset

    I have a table (tblSpanishVerbs) of spanish verbs and need a function to return the corresponding English verb after passing the Spanish verb. For example, from below i want to pass the verb "comer" and return the verb "eat". I am using Visual Studio Express 2008 and have imported a SQL Server...
  12. M

    Resolved How to make 3D rotate menu?

    Hello guys..Im trying to make a menu for my application in Visual Basic 2008 but I wanted to be 3D.,,,How can I make one just like this: Untitled Document I want to make it everytime I click for example a picture to show me a form... Its like 3D Stuff....pls help me.. Best Regards Mony
  13. N

    Question Visual Basic Datetimepicker issue

    This function is supposed to alert the user if there is an attempt to change the date to another date (other than Today). When the user clicks Yes in the Messagebox another message box pops up to let the user know that date is changed and the new date chosen is displayed on the datetimepicker...
  14. V

    Data Binding Question

    Hello, I'm pretty new to VB, and need some help with a project I'm working on. I'm trying to create a random name generator, and in order to store all the names I'm using an SQL database. I've got the database set up (simple version just until I get it working) and here's basically what I want...