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    How to save hindi data from textbox to SQL server?

    Hello Friends, This is regarding an issue in vb.net application. In a textbox, we have set the font of a textbox as Kruti Dev 010. While typing the text is shown in hindi. But when we convert it into string say, Dim s As String = txthindiname.Text This string shows the data in english, and...
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    Question Update Database and datagridview from textboxes

    I have an application with a datagridview on the bottom half of the page and textboxes, combo-boxes, buttons, etc... on the top half. When the user changes the highlighted row in the grid then it displays all of the information for that row in the objects on the top half. If user wants to change...
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    Insert Value in a textbox using Json

    Hi Experts, How can i populate/Insert a value on my textbox. My scenario is when i select a value on my dropdownlist, pass this value on my json parameter and call the data from server side. after successfully calling the query get the desired zipcode and pass it on my textbox. Iam at lost on...
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    Question Sending a KeyEvent to text box through CODE does not put character in Text Box...

    Seems like this should be doable, but I'm having no luck - I have an Array of buttons with Japanese kana characters to act as a user input. Pressing a button (using a mouse) raises an event with the character as the data. My thought was just to use the same handler as the textbox key events...
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    add text in between lines?

    how can i add text to a textbox in this way between each string in a normal textbox? hi added text dhhdhd added text
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    textbox amount to amount in words

    i have a textbox with integer value, of lets say "40000" i want it be converted to amount in words like "FORTY THOUSAND" and to be displayed in another textbox. can someone give me a link on how to do this?please? thanks alot :D
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    Textbox in Msgbox?

    Hi I want to ask the user for some input at form load and I have been searching for a way to display a textbox in a mesaggebox, I know this is possible in vbscript but is it in VB.Net? I may just create a custom dialog though...
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    Question Problem binding textbox on tabcontrol

    Hi, I have a tabcontrol with 3 tabs. Every tab has a great deal of textboxes which I use to refresh the properties of an object. To save my time, I bind the textboxes.Text to the properties of my object. The main problem happens 'cause I can make the binding just when the properly tab is...
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    Making a textbox glow?

    Is it possible to make a text box glow in any way? If not what is something similar that I can do in replacement instead of a glowing effect. And now for more details; I am making a doctor who themed browser and I have a textbox that I want to glow(A golden color) when I refresh the browser. I...
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    Question how do i validate textbox input against drop down list value range

    i have a drop down list with weight range values i.e 1-50 or 51-70 and so forth and i have a textbox that the user enters a value for the weight according to the weight range. i want the user to only enter a value within this range and how do i validate for this
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    Question calculator textbox doesn't display it

    Hi everyone, i am making this calculator and i already have a source code which i will post later. I have two textboxes, the 1st one(TextBox1) displays the answer while the 2nd one(TextBox2) shall display the equation. The problem is, The 2nd textbox doesn't display it. for example, 1. Click...
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    Question from datagrid to textbox

    i have a datagrid and i am not sure which event to use or how to use it. I want a situation whereby a user clicks or selects an item and it shows in a textbox then i have a button that will delete that item from the database
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    Question Get data from DataGrid to Textbox

    I was wondering how you would make a code so that what I write in a Datagrid would come out on a textbox with help of a button. Basicly I write 250 in the Datagrid, and when I press the button, 250 comes out on the Textbox wich is on the same form. I have been trying to find out how to do this...
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    Question Problem in creating numeric textbox (.Net 4.0).

    Hi, I'm trying to create my own numeric textbox that will handle decimal as well as whole number values. The concept is, unlike the regular textbox, this one will accept a value of 'Double' data type and show it with proper formatting e.g. Leading Digits, Digit Grouping etc. When the textbox...
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    Question Auto Fill TextBoxes when Paste

    hey all,, I have this picture to be more clear: My idea is when I paste (ctrl+v) for example this number : 4111111111111111 it would automatically paste them in textboxes one by one in order! so txtBox1 will contain : 4111 txtBox2 : 1111 txtBox3 : 1111 txtBox4 : 1111 the automation of...
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    Question Updating textbox text from an Excel Spreadsheet.

    Hello folks! I'm new to VB and I'm working on a project for work. I'm a 911 Dispatcher and currently we have about 5 books of information that we have to go through by hand to check for things. I'm trying to make an app to speed up the process. So far what I've got is this: I've made a google...
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    Custom Colors for a TextBox

    I have a TextBox in my App for which I want to customize the colors. At the moment, I am using the following Style: <Style x:Key="EditPlayerStyle" TargetType="TextBox"> <Setter Property="Background" Value="Blue"/> <Setter Property="BorderThickness" Value="0"/> <Setter Property="FontFamily"...
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    Question Windows Beeps when Key Combination entered

    Hello, I am working on a program in which I allow the user to quickly add strings to a textbox by pressing a key combination, such as ALT+S. Inserting the strings and setting the cursor to the right position works fine. Its just that windows makes an annoying beep as if an error was encountered...
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    Question Linking Textbox with WebPage

    Hello All, i want to link text box of my software with the text box of the web page (i.e values entered in my software should be linked to values of web page E.g. username entered in software should be linked with username entered in yahoo/facebook site) i m using vb.net. Thanks for your quick...
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    Question Include textbox value in WebBrowser URL?

    Hi, I have been trying for several hours now, and still no luck. I am creating a program to do an enormous amount of tasks, and I'm embarrassed to say this is the only thing I'm having trouble with! I have a TextBox, with an id of 'reg'. Now, i also have a button (button1). On button click, i...