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Sep 4, 2013
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I have a tabcontrol with 3 tabs. Every tab has a great deal of textboxes which I use to refresh the properties of an object. To save my time, I bind the textboxes.Text to the properties of my object. The main problem happens 'cause I can make the binding just when the properly tab is selected.
The thing is there is no need to walk through the tabs sometimes, cause my Object can be deserialized, so I may want to perform the calculations whitout even having to fill all the textboxes. In other words, sometimes I won´t select all the tabs and the bind won´t happen.
My solution was, on the Load event of the main form, to select each tab through code at least one time and perform the bindings properly. This works well, but creates a pretty bad cosmetic effect with one tab jumping to the other every time I start-up the program.
And all this explanation was to made to the question: Is there any way to select (put the focus is a more proper definition for what I want to do) in each tab, perform the bindings whithout changing "physically" the selected tab ?
Ricardo S.

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