1. T

    Question Unresolved problem in creating instance of a HtmlElement object?

    I have created a HtmlElementCollection and am using a FOR statement in order to filter the HtmlElements until one is found thats OuterText property contains "Article". Private Sub ScrollToElement() If (chooseBrowser.Document IsNot Nothing) Then Dim elements As HtmlElementCollection =...
  2. T

    Question Loading back and fore color by name from a .txt file problem!

    Hello, I am having a minor problem with my code. Basically what it does is allows you to change the color (using the "colordialog" code) of the form backcolor and forecolor, and also writes the name of that color to a .txt file so when you exit the form, it saves the colors you chose. When the...
  3. P

    Question Filtering Data source code problem

    Hi , i am currently designing a Inventory Management System for my school Project , the add data edit data and delete data part of the software works for me but i am kinda stuck at the filtering data part and it does not seem to work at all . This is my source Code Sub combobox_itemID()...
  4. jlcruzAME

    Populating Span Tag Works For One Piece, Doesn't For Another

    link.InnerHtml = "<a href = '" + picAddress + "' target = '_blank' onclick = 'hidespan'> Click here to submit pictures and forms for WO " + woNumber + "</a>" Above is a piece of code that populates a span tag when a user clicks on a button called submit files. It will work on my system when...
  5. D

    problem with datatable

    Hey everyone , i have this problem with datatable and it drives me crazy because as i see everything is good and it still gives me that error i pretty sure the t11 datatable is declared with all it columns whats the problem please help :)
  6. B

    Question combobox issue

    hi guys, im trying to use the combobox to update/edit/view the saved data (in contact form) from sql server. my Load_Combobox (in contact form): My Public Sub New (in contact form): My Load_Contact (in Contact form): In clsDBConnect.vb: the problem now is when i saved a record into sql...
  7. V

    Question Please Help - Access to COM1 denied

    Hello I don't know where the Problem is but i can't connect to COM1 with VB.Net With Hyperterminal i can connect so the port insn't in use. Can you help me correcting this code? Thank you vbcom PS: Full Code in Attachment Private Sub SendData() On Error GoTo hilfe Dim...
  8. J

    Auto Login and Acute accent

    Hi guys I'm having a trouble with creating an Auto-Login(VBNET) this is part of the website source : It works fine : :tears_of_joy: It also works fine ::tears_of_joy: It does not work ::blue: I also tried this : :blue: Followingg the two first I tried this too :blue: Please...
  9. D

    For-next loop problem

    Hi gurus, I'm new in programming especially in and I have a problem displaying the following using for-next loops: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 ...and so on... initially I wrote this code Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As...
  10. krechlich

    Question Problems with random functions

    Okay, so I'm doing a card game and I'm trying to set that when picturebox (PictureBox1) is clicked, a random card from 13 cards will come visible. Problem is, that when i start the program and click the picturebox, the same card will always come visible. As you can see i've put a button...
  11. A

    Having problems executing another executable from Visual Basic... Help!

    So, I'm trying to make a program that has command buttons, each running a different file. I have added some files so far, but I encountered a problem with a couple of them. For example, I want to run Zuma's Revenge! right from the program, but it is not working. If I run the game from outside...
  12. A

    Question Simple CHAT application..

    Hi! Sorry if this is a stupid thread... but well... I'm a starter in Visual Basic 2005... I'm tring to create a simple chat app, but my code doesn't work... Here is the code... Client: Imports System Imports System.IO Imports System.Net Imports System.TeXT Imports System.Net.Sockets Public...
  13. K

    What am i doing wrong?

    Hello, i'm having trouble with the security of my porgram... it does check if Tio-Hack.exe.config exists, but it doesn't do things that are beneath the if statement there... here my code: Private Sub Form1_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load...
  14. G

    Open zip files in VB Express 2008

    Hi guys, I am new to VB and have been using VB express 2008 and running through tutorials, etc. I have downloaded some games but I can not open them (zip files) in Visual Basic Express to check the source code. If anyone can let me know (it has been frustrating!) that would be great. ;) p.s...
  15. I

    Resolved integer double string?

    Hey i've got another problem with my coding in this sub... Private Sub buyLemon_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles buyLemon.Click lemonL.Text += 1 End Sub 'BuyLemons can someone please tell me why its coming up with this error its...
  16. I

    Question Help Debugging problem!

    ive got a debugging problem when ever i try to debug my game this comes up :confused: please help
  17. H

    Question Whats Wrong with this Fibonacci Application?

    For my application, i need the user to input a number, and the application will work out the highest possible Fibonacci number below the user inputed number. At the moment, my application is providing non-Fibonacci numbers, which is a problem. Here is the code: Public Class Form1 Dim...
  18. H

    Question External Files - How do i use them?

    I have my program which does not need to be installed, and i have made a .chm for it as a help. but how can i integrate it into the program, or make it so that when the user opens it, it can actually find the file, because it works on my computer as it says: Process.Start "C:\Program\Help.chm"...
  19. D

    The Travelling Salesman Web Service

    JOpt.AAS reduces the number of vehicles in a fleet at the same volume of jobs/deliveries and optimizes overall route times and distance 2009/02/21 - The Travelling Salesman Problem is probably one of the most studied problems in computational mathematics. Due to its practical relevance for...
  20. C

    Question Serial Port Truncating

    I am using the .Net Com port control to send &HFF (255) to another device however it appears to be truncating it. At the other end I get &H35 (53). If I send &H0 (0) At the other end I get &H30 (48). Does anyone know what may be causing this. I have the following settings: PortName = "Com4"...