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Oct 4, 2008
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JOpt.AAS reduces the number of vehicles in a fleet at the same volume of jobs/deliveries and optimizes overall route times and distance

2009/02/21 - The Travelling Salesman Problem is probably one of the most studied problems in computational mathematics. Due to its practical relevance for many applications in the field of logistics and field force planning there are many studies dealing with algorithms and approaches to solve the TSP programmatically. Now DNA Evolutions offers a web service platform that can solve the TSP for one or mutliple vehicles, also known as the Vehicle Routing Problem. The service is based upon DNA's proven JOpt product family for transportation and field force optimization and offers its optimization facilities through a web service that comes with a comfortable SOAP programming interface.

Since DNA has announced JOpt.AAS in the beginning of this year, many developers from all over the world signed up to get the free trial account and explored how easily they can upgrade their own applications with vehicle routing facilities by utilizing the optimization core of JOpt. Since now the free trial has been offered for companies only, but due to the success and the broad resonance from academic users and universities DNA now has decided to generally offer an functional unlimited trial version for 3 vehicles until further notice.

Developers can obtain whitepapers as well as a sample client code for VS 2005 and a free evaluation account at the following URL: DNA - Route Planning, Dispatching and Business Process Evolution Components

"One cultural achievment that has evolved over the last decade is that mankind nowadays has instant access to nearly any kind of information over the web. We believe that it is a consequtive step to also open the internet for what we call machine enabled internet services better known as web services. Hence we decided to participate with this evolution and make our robust and approved optimization engine available over the Web. JOpt.AAS is a hosted solution where the underlying technology is our flagship product JOpt.ASP",
Vincent Mayer says, Technical Product Manager at DNA.

About DNA: DNA develops and sells flexible and ready-to-use applications, .NET, Java & J2EE components as well as web services for planning and optimization jobs to help customers to find the best solutions for their business. DNA's software tools enable customers to cope with complex problems and rapid decisioning. Software vendors or IT service providers use DNA's software modules to complement and enhance products or projects with innovative and special expertise features such as automatic resource planning and route optimization, GIS functions and enterprise integration components.

More information:
DNA - Route Planning, Dispatching and Business Process Evolution Components
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