Populating Span Tag Works For One Piece, Doesn't For Another


Oct 18, 2012
Programming Experience
link.InnerHtml = "<a href = '" + picAddress + "' target = '_blank' onclick = 'hidespan'> Click here to submit pictures and forms for WO " + woNumber + "</a>"

Above is a piece of code that populates a span tag when a user clicks on a button called submit files.

It will work on my system when I'm testing and when you access the live site on the web server.

HOWEVER, I have another piece of code that is in the on click event of a asp:LinkButton and it will NOT populate the span tag when accessed on the web server, but works on my system.

Me.errorForm.InnerHtml = "<h2>You have not uploaded the required forms for " + woNumber + ". </h2>"

Can anyone point me in the direction of a solution or provide with a reason as to why this is not working for the link button on the web server? Also, I tried to use javascript to pop up a message but it would not work on the live server as well, but would work on my system.

Any help is appreciated!
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