1. A

    Question how do I code a button to select an image?

    I want the user to select an image by clicking the button and then clicking select that will close the form. I have the images in a separate folder that I have added as a picturebox and they are added above their respected button. So what I am trying to do is create an if-else statement, where...
  2. P

    Question Save dynamically created button permanently to the form.

    Public Sub Button1_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click 'some code Dim MyButton As New Button() With MyButton .Location = New Point(12, 12) .Size = New Size(75, 30) .TabIndex = 0 .Text = TextBox1.Text...
  3. P

    Question Cannot remove the extra spaces from textfield output !!!!

    So, I am executing a function which returns some string value in textfields. But, when I am trying to use the textfield value somewhere else; it gets added with some extra spaces and I am not able to achieve the desired task. I have tried Trim() and it didnt help and I have also tried...
  4. mond007

    Insert Smiley/Emotions into RichTextBox using WordPad Style Editor

    Hi I am looking to create a Panel of Emotions/Smileys so that when cliked they insert a Smiley into my RichTextbox. I am looking for pointers as tis must have been some elsewhere. Such as MCT Program opens July 14th, 2014 to new applications - Certified Trainers (MCT) - General Info Only -...
  5. S

    Question Filter Form Graphic

    Hi i am creating a program to be used on a ships bridge, the problem i have is at night they have to be able to swith to night mode, i have the program dimming the display but wanted to add a red filter to the form also, i have used Photoshop to show what i want to kind of do: The Normal Form...
  6. V

    Question Displaying Results from Comparing texts from 2 forms

    Hi good day guys i would just like to seek some help regarding my problem here in VB.NET. I have this program that if the text in the textbox is equal to the text in the label of the previous form it will add 1 for each correct answer but instead it always shows zero (0) (last form) and not...
  7. R

    Having Trouble Updating Form from thread outside of Class

    I know that you guys probably get this question alot..and trust me when i say I have been doing plently of searching..and i am stumped... invokes and threads have really been getting on my nerves ... anyway I am building an special irc client... it all connects that is not the issue.. what...
  8. D

    Setting multi controls on a form

    Hi, I am setting all the textbox controls on a form to read only. Then when the user clicks on a button I want to change all the textbox back to being editable! Heres my code but it doesnt work or produce any errors. There are 7 textboxes on my form. Private Sub Button3_Click(ByVal sender...
  9. C

    Connection Between Forms On Different Computers?

    Im working on a desktop sharing application, i already know how to capture screen frames and display on picturebox, also im learning how to use winsocket, but is it possible to make a connection lets say you type the persons ip which you want to conect to, then they must have the app installed...
  10. N

    Using form inheritance for database connection.

    Hello everyone. I am fairly new to VB.NET. I am building a simple mobile application (WM 6.0) in which I have a login form (where the user inputs his username and password) and subsequent forms that capture certain fields that are to be inserted into the same database that contains the username...
  11. V

    Refresh button

    i have 2 separate forms. .both my first and second form has a refresh button when i refresh first button my second table not refresh..i want my table to be like this. my second Question whats the refresh button code in access 2007..i try many but unsuccessful.. thanks
  12. I

    Question calculator textbox doesn't display it

    Hi everyone, i am making this calculator and i already have a source code which i will post later. I have two textboxes, the 1st one(TextBox1) displays the answer while the 2nd one(TextBox2) shall display the equation. The problem is, The 2nd textbox doesn't display it. for example, 1. Click...
  13. S

    no forms in creating new project in visual basic 2010

    no forms can be seen when creating a new project.. i am going to choose a window form but there are no forms to choose.. what will i do? am i missing some libraries? or i made a mistake in installation? or any idea?
  14. N

    Question Two Forms application is closing

    I have two forms and a button on the first form. What i want is when i click the button the second form to show and the first one to close. But this isn't working with: Me.close All the application is closing with the code above.
  15. V

    Question Forms to be loaded on random

    I am trying to create a simple game for children for my final year project, I have a number of form that will display a different type of question for each form. I am aware of the form1.Show() and form1.Hide(), is there anyway that I can load a form on random. for e.g, lets say I have form1...
  16. PRo-Beaniie

    Answered Resetting a form...

    hey guys, Im trying to achieve a complete reset of a form i have used. I have a parent form and want to reset the second form... Im completly new to using multiple forms however some researching has lead me to this... as posted by a previous user in 2005 'if it's a form that's opened from...
  17. G

    How to avoid child forms overlapping in MDI?

    i'm a beginner in MDI form. i created a MDI form with buttons and child forms. when i click the forms continuously, many forms will be opened. how to avoid forms overlapping, in other words, duplicate? thanks :) *when i click the button continuously.
  18. B

    create currency converter?

    hello, Hello, I am a new user. Never worked with VB before. I wanne make a windows form application. Its a currency converter that can convert EUROS to belgium franks,german marks and the coins off Nederland. it has to be possibel to round the result to zero decimal. I already made...
  19. G

    Question popup progress bar

    hi all, i have a form that takes a long time to open (because of the volume of data and the devexpress scheduler controls on it). I would like to pop up a progress bar (embedded in a form) to show until the form loads and is finished loading. i added two public methods in the My.MyApplication...
  20. LaBoss

    MenuStrip and ToolStripControlHost control

    Good afternoon, I'm having some trouble with a class that uses the ToolStripControlHost, I have to create a label and a label beside the textbox, this works, the problem now and I can not access the property. .Text of textbox (dim txt). the class to this: Public Class ToolStripTextBoxWithLabel...