1. S

    working with charts

    In VB.Net desktop application, real-time charts are plotted based on the inputs from a motor. Initially the charts plot very well but after some time, say for 4-5 minutes, the plotting become slow and on click of any controls it shows the white screen. If the charts are avoided the application...
  2. H

    Question I need help on how to create a scatter plot using charts

    my only objective is to create a scatter plot with only x and y axes. the data source should be from a 1 dimensional array. say i have these arrays: x() as Object ' for x axis values y() as Object ' for y axis values and i have this chart: chart1 the arrays are already filled...
  3. U

    Question Editing Excel charts

    Hi, I have been loking at this for a while now and haven't really found anything helpful searching on Google, so I thought I'd post my query here. I have created a form that takes data held in an acces database, and then creates an excel chart, saves it as an image and displays it on my form...
  4. Perpetuum Software Team

    Get Stylish Digital Dashboards with.Net Dashboard Suite!

    Perpetuum Software offers a new version of the .Net Dashboard Suite The product allows the creation of digital dashboards which can be used for information analysis, real-time data monitoring and emulating any kind of existing devices and equipment. .Net Dashboard Suite includes...
  5. nevron

    Nevron Chart for .NET Q2 2008 available

    Nevron Chart for .NET combines visual richness with a vast amount of charting and gauge types grouped together in a comprehensible and extensible API. With advanced AJAX support, VS 2008 design time support and a payload of useful features Nevron Chart for .NET is the only complete component for...
  6. G

    Question Graphs/Charts ?

    Hi, Is it possible to have a chart/graph in your VB .Net application without having to export/import from Excel? (i.e. generate own graph and show it in the application itself). Thank you!