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May 24, 2006
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Perpetuum Software offers a new version of the .Net Dashboard Suite The product allows the creation of digital dashboards which can be used for information analysis, real-time data monitoring and emulating any kind of existing devices and equipment.

.Net Dashboard Suite includes charting and gauges components. Chart ModelKit allows the representation of any data in the form of stunning charts. Instrumentation ModelKit is intended for creating KPIs, hardware emulators, Computer-Assisted Training systems, SCADA systems, and human-engineered interfaces. Thus, the use of these two components in one application allows the creation of informative digital dashboard capable of representing all real time processes and their tendencies.

It is known, that visually appealing application design makes it more popular. That’s why Perpetuum Software specialists paid special attention to product features that address the problem of designing application appearance.

The collections of charts and gauges are considerably extended. We offer 180 new charts and 80 new gauges created in 10 various styles. Now, the choice of graph or control palettes depends only on your clients’ taste. To represent information in Glass, Bright, Silver, Purple, etc. tones won’t cause any difficulties with these new collections. Any application will look beneficial and will help you sort out important information or to smooth unpleasant tendencies. The use of new charts and gauges in a single form allows the creation of stunning dashboards in a single style.

Minor bug fixes will facilitate the work with the .Net Dashboard Suite 3.9 and make the development process more effective and comfortable.

You can evaluate all these new features yourself, just download .Net Dashboard Suite 3.9 and enjoy your work:
Download .Net Dashboard Suite - A Set of .Net Components to Develop High-Performance Dashboards, KPIs, Scorecards, SCADA Systems.
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