1. T

    Populate DataGridView With Multiple Arrays

    Hi again friends, So actually what I've been trying to do is practice collecting data from one of my temporary websites (more like a web page). I have added product details to this web page & was trying to practice parsing the data & then sending that data to either a listview or datagridview...
  2. S

    Question Assistance required debugging an ArrayList

    I am trying to write some code to add string arrays (Sitem) into an arraylist (Slist), but for some reason all the items in the arraylist end up containing the same string array (Sitem) values. Text File excerpt Runner Lake 01-04-1994 09:43 Stalk Pool 03-04-1994 09:46 All Slist items contain...
  3. G

    Question Swapping Cell comments with cell values error

    Hi guys, my first post here. I need your help. i am getting this "Member not Found" error everytime the loop sees an empty cell.. What am I missing? Thanks! Private Sub SwitchCommentButton_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles...
  4. D

    Question Array sorting

    I have an application that looks at various dates and compares those dates to yet another date for a time lapse. The problem is that I cannot figure out how to codefor the following scenario: There is a receive date and an application date. There may be multiple application dates, but only one...
  5. D

    Public Arrays

    I am having an issue with arrays in I have a class called variables that contains the following: Public Class Variables Public Shared AcctCal() As udtCalendar Structure udtCalendar Public DPP As Integer Public BegDt As Date Public EndDt As Date...
  6. N

    Question Intellisense entering type rather than value

    I have a class that has a property declared as follows: Public Property Position As Byte() Very simple property, nothing complicated. However, in Visual Studio 2010 when accessing this property, I type the following (temp is just the name of a variable): temp.Position(1) but Visual Studio...
  7. N

    Question Greek Text in ArrayList appears as '????????????'

    Hello all, I've written a Windows application which reads the title of a Window (which is in Greek) and adds it in an Array List. However, when I MessageBox.Show(thatString) it appears as '?????'. Any ideas?
  8. U

    Arrays of Rectangles

    Hi Guys, I'm creating a little GUI for touch screens and so I'm using a lot of rectangles as "touchzones" (using the rectangle.contains(e.location) in mouse click events) but there are some things I'd like to do on lots of rectangles at the same time. I'd like to copy the rectangles into an...
  9. Jauch

    Question Arrays, Memory and the GC

    I have a system that must do massive array operations. Often I have many arrays with 1 to 2 million elements at same time. Usually I create the arrays inside a procedure, so, I expect when the array variable goes out of scope, the array becomes available to the GC. But in the near future, I'll...
  10. J

    Question Get user input into array

    In my program, I need to have the user input a list of numbers separated by commas. How would I go about storing those numbers? Would I put them into an array? If so, how? I'm REALLY new at this and I have been all over Google but I can't seem to get it. Please Help!
  11. C

    Question Confusing Array

    I'm a newbie in .NET and I started with VB.NET 2005 (Framework 3.5). I make an application for my store. Here's a piece of code : Dim arrStore() As String = {"A", "B", "C"} Dim arrSupply() As Integer = {31, 64, 15} Dim arrSold() As Integer = {69, 36, 85}...
  12. D

    Question Problem with move items of an array

    Hi, I have a problem with move items of an array according to a schema. This is the purpose of the code: arrayi= {1,2,3,4,5,1,2,3,4,5,1,2,3,4,5,1,2,3,4,5,1,2,3,4,5} Move items in the array to achieve this: arrayf= {1,2,3,4,5,5,1,2,3,4,4,5,1,2,3,3,4,5,1,2,2,3,4,5,1} So: 12345...
  13. A

    Question Looping audio files in tree view with windows media player COM

    I am attempting to play a set of audio files continuously using a tree view. I am having troubles looping through an array to play one song after another in the selected parent node. It seems to work if I only use one song in the array but it doesn't want to actually loop through and keep...
  14. A

    How can I speed up importing CSV files to Datagrid and creating new data

    Hi everyone, I am a noobie and learning as I go. I have been working on a Windows form in (VB studio 2010 using which will load a CSV file into a Datagrid control and then create new data in the data grid based of the imported data. I have tinkered around and come up with the...
  15. D

    "Simple" array with formula

    Hi everyone, I've joined this forum in the hope that I can get some help with part of my code. It's very straightforward but I cannot seem to get the hang of arrays. I'm doing this as part of an electronic engineering course but I'm very new to programming and so my code is flaky... I have...
  16. S

    Sharing Structures of Arrays in multiple MDIchilds

    Hi All, Thanks in advance for any help given. I have created an MDIparent form and a MDIchild. There is a button on the parent which makes multiple 'clones' of the child form, each time its clicked. I also want (maybe with a module) a set of variables, and array of a structure but these are...
  17. M

    Question convert datarow to strings.

    I'm writing an app in VB.Net 2008 that needs to transpose a list of values in a database. I found that the Join command will just do that. :D Only works on arrays though. The dataset only has one column. So I'm trying to find an elegant way of converting it to an array. I've got 18000 rows...
  18. A

    Directly and dynamically assigning values to an array

    I am trying to figure out how to assign a 1-dimensional array value I get from a function directly into an element in a 2-dimensional array. An example would be Dim Results(7)() as Double Results(0) = myFunction() ' returns an array with 5 doubles What is the correct syntax for this, if any...
  19. C

    Sort a multidimensional array

    Hi! I was looking for a function I need in internet but I didn't find it... I need to sort a multidimensional array(matrix).. for example Original matrix 1,b,3 2,c,5 3,a,1 I need a function, lets call it magic() xD with 2 arguments, the matrix and which col to sort first... so.. the result of...
  20. C

    Question Class and Array Error

    Hello. Can you help me please Public Class qqq Public xxx as string End Class 'This block form1 Public Class main Public aaa() as qqq Public Sub www() redim aaa(3) Dim bbb as qqq = new qqq bbb=qqq(1) 'Error Line end sub end class Thanks.