Windows service creating ActiveX object issue


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Aug 6, 2004
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Here's the situation. I've created a Windows service that queries a couple DB's to get info to populate a document created in a program called Solid Edge. Solid Edge has a very good, clean COM interface for manipulating its documents. In order to do this, however, I need to be able to create an instance (as you probably have already guessed) of the Solid Edge Application object. It seemed a simple task in VB.NET.

I am receiving a "Cannot create ActiveX component" error, even when I have already opened the app on my own and am calling SEApp = GetObject(, "SolidEdge.Application") (this works in an Access program already in use.) Likewise I cannot get either a CreateObject or a Marshal.GetActiveObject call to work.

This is probably a permissions (DCOM) issue, but I am having trouble narrowing it down since I am using the network's uber-user Administrator account right now for my service.

Any and all thoughts would be really helpful.