windows form cannot restore from minimize state


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Apr 23, 2005
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well i wrote a windows form application in which displays company products.
Added images on to the windows form. This application does not have any child forms.

Development Environment :: The application is running in windows xp and is developed in windows xp.
The application is developed in Microst VS.NET 2003.

Well the problem is the form in minimze state disappears/Not Visible when i click restore. The application does not restore to its position only when it goes to minimize state. I have two panels on the form, one as top panel and other as bottom panel. The top panel has four buttons anmd two labels . the bototm panel has three buttons and a link label .

Initially the application form layout is set with these properties. most of them are default.

autoscale -- true
autoscroll -- false
start position -- centersceen
windowstate -- normal
size -- 500, 438
controlbox --- true
maximizebox --- true
minimizebox -- true
ismdicontainer -- false

I have no idea why it doesnt displays only when it goes to minimize state.Anyone has an idea to avoid this problem please do tell.

thank you


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