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Jan 28, 2005
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Hello all,

I have been learning about Sessions and it is pretty exciting. What I can't figure out how to do is - keep a record of "who is logged in"

Let's say five people log into my webform. I want to have a separate page for an admin to log into and have the page display evey logged in user - along with a way to "kill" their session if, lets say, I just feel like doing so. Right now, I am more worried about how to be able to know every logged in user. Can somebody help me with that?

As for the "kill the user" function - if you know what I need to do - sent me some help on if if ya could.


Pretty cool. Actually, really cool. I just read through it quickly and noticed many cool features that will make web application development much much easier and more powerful. For now, what I decided to do is just when a user logs in, have it create a table and insert the username in the respective field - then have a separate page just pull all the data from that table - which will just give me a list of all the users - what I can do is then run a delete statement and a session.abandon or something to kill their session - I know there is a more dynamic way of handling this - but it will work for now - on the other hand, I will be sure to upgrade to this .NET 2 another day :)

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