Which type of server/soc setup to use?


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May 19, 2005
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I'm new to VB.NET forums and I've seen some very good threads here. I've looked up the guidelines and would like to begin here, with the start of a new project I'm doing, for my personal use. It is a socekt based sever. (I've been outside of VB4 for many years, so learning .Net has been some fun work, but I'm still pretty green)

Brief Background:
I have an existing application that has a single TCP socket capability. It is a blocking type and requires a linefeed appended, to signal it's buffer close on reading. I'll call this App1

I have another application which is a DLL API, using aliased function calls, that I need bidirectional exchange with. The function calls are formatting as ASCIIz. I'll call this App2DLL

The desire is to create a dedicated, full-time, bi-directional connection and exchange data between the two, real time. I'm hoping to do this as a passthrough type, where the client sends the server a message, targetting the API, convert to ASCIIz on the fly and visa-versa, back from App2DLL to App1, confirming and relaying responses. i.e. avoid the task of parsing, buffer management, etc. :confused:

The questions:
Which connect/management model would be best to support a persistent connection, hopefully as a single threaded approach like this?

I've looked at a number of sample Client/server applications, but most of them dead-ended the socket, after transfer; no examples of a perpetual connection or response/reply on-going, with socket maintained.

Does anyone have a decent, basic sample of a starting place, or link to one they've seen, which might fit this need as a starting point?

I've tried to leave the overall paradigm open, hoping I might get a few examples to look at or some questions/dialog to filter down.

Any questions/suggestions would be appreciated and thanks to all those contributors here, for making a place others can learn.