VistaDB 2.0.12 released with many improvements


Jun 30, 2004
Programming Experience
VistaDB 2.0.12 data engine has been released with many improvements including: 60% smaller footprint now only 400kb, full C# source code for ADO.NET Provider (Provider can be fully embedded apps), faster data access on shared networks, new C# and VB.NET demo with source, Delphi 2005 support, full SQL support for creating and altering database structures, improved multiple JOIN speed, faster partial key matching for searches, new VistaDB COM objects for VB6 and classic ASP, and much more. VistaDB is the #1 alternative to Jet/Access, MSDE and Xbase for building small to midsize WinForms and ASP.NET database applications. Featuring SQL-92 support, single-file data store, rich data types, Snapshot isolation level transaction processing, managed ADO.NET Provider, VCL components, COM objects, visual utilities, XCopy deployment with zero configuration and free unlimited distribution, and much more. Special limited time offer VistaDB .NET Edition for only $129 (

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