VB.net on PDA


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Feb 27, 2005
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Hi Ive been doing a project as part of my final year at uni, in vb.net which should be designed to run on a PDA, pocket pc. Ive got bit of the way though, but I hadnt tried testing to see if it ran on a PDA till just now. Basically the program runs fine on my PC, however when i moved it over to a PDA and clicked the exe nothing happened, it just seemed to refuse to run so I have no idea what the problem is. Anyone have any advice for why this might have happened, or provide some general guidence for creating PDA programs? Im assuming im missing some import/inherit commnad to get this to run.
I think I found the problem, I only have VB.net 2002 installed, and from what I could tell I need Visual Studio .net 2003 so that I have the .net compact framework installed. Once I get a copy of that installed then Ill see what happens. Hopefully thats the only problem.

Cheers for the feedback thou