VB.NET App stays in Windows Task Manager Processes After Clicking the Close Button


May 16, 2005
Programming Experience
hi, i am having a weird problem with my VB.NET Application. I installed it in my target pc, when i close the program by clicking the "X" button the program closes but when i check Windows Task Manager under the Processes Tab the program is still there and the Database File still have the .LDB which i belive means that it is still opened.

please help

thank you
sometimes it can take a minute or two for the actual program to release the memory, but if it takes longer than 2 mins to release the resources then you should close the database connection(s) and empty the dataset's in the form's closing event then check to see if the program actually shuts down

to close the database connection you can simply use:

dsMyDataSet.Clear() clears the dataset's too

if that doesnt help any then the only thing else i can suggest is to use:

in the form's closed event which will force the application to release the resources
problem with the "X" Button solved

thanks for the reply JuggaloBrotha :)

i have fixed the problem, i forgot to terminate the thread that my application was running, and the .LDB file, i also forgot to close a second connection to my database.

thank :)