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Apr 11, 2005
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I am new to Vb.NET
Anyways, here is my situation.

I wrote a VB.NET program in my desktop (Win 2000). This program was upgraded and modified from VB6 to VB.NET and it works fine in Desktop. Now i have a small Windows CE.NET 4.1 computer. I want the VB.NET program to run on the CE.NET machine. How do i go abt doing that?

(1) How do i compile the Vb.NET program, so that it can work in the CE.NET device
(2) AFter that do i make an .exe file and run it on the CE.NET device. If so, how do i even create a .exe file?

(3) After this I should drop the .exe file in the CE.NET device using ActiveSynch (serial connection), right?

I am still learning .NET. I would REALLY appreciate if you can take the time to give me a good start.

Thanks a lot
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What is VS2003?

And i realize that when create a new project, you create it as 'smart device application'.

But i have a VB.NEt regular windows application. CAn it be converted to 'smart device application'. If so , how?

Thanks for the help
VS = Visual Studio

You will need to rework your code into a smart device app. There are a few differences between a windows app and a smart device app, mainly the compact framework does not contain everthing that the full one does. You also have the screen size limitation. I don't delieve their is a way to straight convert for these reasons.
The first version of Visual Studio .net is 2002 if i'm not wrong. I got my acedamic version (2002) That will not work with CE development stuff. Converting is very hard too, i highly recommend rewriting your program if possible.

VS.net 2003 (Visual Studio.net 2003) comes with CE dev capability in VB.net and C#.net. WHen you start your project, it comes with the template "Smart device application"

Choose which ever language (VB.net / C#.net) and develop your program through that. THat's what i did at least.

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