VB 6 Conversion Problem

Chuck Tucker

Jun 10, 2004
San Diego Co. California
Programming Experience
I upgraded from a Windows based VB 6.0 application and the program opens OK with the Startup form. However, when it attempts to open another form the form doesn't open, exits the run state and displays the code window for the form it was attempting to open. This happens on all forms except one (a rather static "About Application" form that simply displays the current version number).

Any suggestions on what's causing this problem and what I can do about it?
Thanks for making me look closer at the Open Form calls in my Startup program.
I discovered that I had a Me.Close statement just ahead of the call to open the next form. Why it's there I don't know -- I'll have to inspect my original code to see.

Anyway, removing the Me.Close statement solved the problem. The one form that did work OK did not have the Me.Close statement in the call. I should have noticed this before, but I had always assumed that it was a problem in the called routine, not in the calling one!