Tableadapter update causing Autoscale problems


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May 19, 2021
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Hi, I have a VB 2019 program created with about 10 forms. The opening form with buttons serves as a menu form. I have scaled my laptop to 150% display in Windows 10. When I start my program, the opening screen appears as a 150% scaled window perfectly. If I invoke and of the forms with a button click, the new form opens without scaling and even scales down the basic calling window. This only happens when I invode the table adapter. Till it is not invoked all form windows remain scaled at 150% poperly. If the Tableadapter is invoved in mybase.load function, the window opens as a non scaled window and even reduces the parent window. The line of code causing this problem is Me.Foot1TableAdapter.Fill(Me.SmylistpatDataSet.foot1) where Foot1 is the name of the table and Smylistpatdataset is the database name. It is very frustrating and driving me up the wall. Any help will be highly appreciated. ..... Ajay Kakar