Updating XML


Jun 15, 2004
Programming Experience
I'm looking for a point in the right direction, or a tutorial would be great...

On how to load an xml file into vb.net, and then search for a particular string, and replace it with whatever I want, and then save the xml file for further use. This will be for a web application more than likely.

Thanks for your help!!
As always with .NET there are many ways to do this. You can always use the System.XML namespace with all it's classes and their methods to do what you want. The specifics would depend on the structure of the XML file in question.

I prefer using a dataSet and reading the XML file into the dataSet (using the ReadXML method of the DataSet). Then you can perform the manipulation on the dataSet and write the dataSet back to XML (using the WriteXML method of the DataSet).

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