Trouble with IIS5.1 and Dot net appliction


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Jan 15, 2005
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Have an application being debugged in VS 2003 and sometimes the application fails and brings all internet services to a halt. Task manager will not
unload, system wont reboot and if i try to restart IIS things get worse.
Only thing to do at this point is push the reset button.
Another thing I noticed when I ran the application, which it does
intermittently, is I see a message regarding trying to access the vpn
network. The vpn is not supposed to be used in this application as its
pointing to a localhost web app. Every time I see this message, which pops
up a few seconds after I try to start the application in Visual studio, the
internet activity halts.

I believe it is related to my having a VPN connection, which I keep disconnected.

Is there a way to re set system without having to press the reset button?
A way to log what is happening prior to hanging?
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