Too many choices!


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Oct 20, 2004
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I'm new to this BBS and it looks very good but my only first impression is that I can't decide where to post my question... there are so many categories and so many would possibly fit my question so I cant decide where to post.

actually it may seem like a lot of sections, but if you also notice this is a very well organized forum (unlike just about every other programming forum i've seen) if we had just a "general" board for each section then every thread would be listed all on that one board in which case i'm horrible at using databases on winforms, this way i can skip all the database related threads because in the VB.NET section there is a "Database" board

i like that
I agree that there are a lot of sections but they are logically selected and organised. I think that in all but the rarest cases it should take next to no time to determine which is the correct area to start a thread. If we all make the effort to post in the most suitable area it makes it easier to determine whether our question has already been answered, e.g. the now infamous "How do I share data between forms?".