The code will fire every 60 minutes and 1 minute for 24 hours


Aug 2, 2022
Programming Experience
Hi All,

There are 4 buttons were run the same function that sends 'S' every 60 minutes and also sends 'R' every 1 minute, both functions were stopped after 24 hours.
I'm seeking help, advice, and guidance to code this, and sincerely appreciate your help.

Thank you.
Hi jmcilhinney,

I haven't got an idea to code this, and I surf around still no sight of light.
Sorry for my poor knowledge of this.

Thank you
I really do wonder what people search for at times, that they can supposedly find no information on common topics. There is a ton of information available on the web and being able to search for it effectively is a critical skill for any developer that takes no development skill or experience at all. I suggest that you spend some time learning how to search the web effectively, which means working out what keywords to use to find the information you actually need. For instance, I just searched for " do something at regular intervals" and found numerous relevant links for your problem. I'm not suggesting that you should not use this site for help but it should be for the tricky details, not the high-level stuff like this.