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Oct 18, 2004
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hai i have a program where i can retrieve system information for my own computer.

Private Sub Form1_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load

Label1.Text = Environment.OSVersion.ToString()
' Get the interpreted version information.
Label2.Text = _
Label3.Text = GetOSVersion()
Label4.Text = Environment.OSVersion.Version.Major.ToString
Label5.Text = _ Environment.OSVersion.Version.Minor.ToString
Label6.Text = _
Label7.Text = _ Environment.OSVersion.Version.Revision.ToString

End Sub

Public Function GetOSVersion() As String
Select Case Environment..OSVersion.Platform
Case PlatformID.Win32S
Return "Win 3.1"
Case PlatformID.Win32Windows
Select Case Environment.OSVersion.Version.Minor
Case 0
Return "Win95"
Case 10
Return "Win98"
Case 90
Return "WinME"
Case Else
Return "Unknown"
End Select
Case PlatformID.Win32NT
Select Case Environment.OSVersion.Version.Major
Case 3
Return "NT 3.51"
Case 4
Return "NT 4.0"
Case 5
Select Case _
Case 0
Return "Win2000"
Case 1
Return "WinXP"
Case 2
Return "Win2003"
End Select
Case Else
Return "Unknown"
End Select
Case PlatformID.WinCE
Return "Win CE"
End Select
End Function

now im having this problem in retrieving other computer's system information. can anyone help me to solve this problem...thank you very much
i dont know how to get other systems info but my instructor did inform me that with windows xp and higher (especially xp sp2) the built in firewall is real protective against outside computers getting system info (any type) and there's no way around it till the firewall is disabled

thanx for the reply...but is there any way of reading remote computer system32 files in firewall protection.....