SmartInspect 3.0: Revolutionary logging for .NET, Java and Delphi released


Aug 12, 2008
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We are excited to announce the immediate availability of our advanced .NET logging, Java logging and Delphi logging tool SmartInspect 3.0. SmartInspect is already helping hundreds of companies around the world to build rock-solid software applications every day. The new release makes SmartInspect even more suitable for debugging and monitoring high-performance production systems, for working with test systems and for end-user scenarios. Learn more about SmartInspect:

SmartInspect 3.0 comes with dozens of new features, improvements and bug fixes that are directly based on customer feedback. This version introduces a new log server application (SmartInspect Router), a high-performance named pipe protocol for local live logging, asynchronous logging for even better logging performance, the ability to encrypt log files, a redesigned and more flexible log rotation mechanism, a sort feature in the Console to merge multiple log files, various session related enhancements and a lot more.

[size=+2]What's New[/size]
The following list summarizes the major new features and enhancements introduced in SmartInspect 3.0. To view a complete list of improvements with detailed explanations of each new feature, please see our What's New page.

  • New high-performance named pipe protocol
  • Log file encryption (AES, 128 bit)
  • New SmartInspect Router log server
  • Asynchronous logging option
  • Redesigned log rotation support
  • Improved log session concept
  • Log merging with the SmartInspect Console
  • LINQ to SQL logging support

[size=+2]Learn More[/size]
Learn more about SmartInspect and find out how to build more reliable .NET, Java and Delphi applications today:

A fully functional 30-trial version of SmartInspect 3.0 can be downloaded from our website.

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