Crypto Logger For .Net 2010 released


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Jan 28, 2006
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LogicNP Software is pleaesd to annonce the release of Crypto Logger For .Net 2010, a flexible and high-performance logging framework for your .Net software. Crypto Logger comes with a powerful yet easy-to-use logging console to view, search, analyze and manage log data and perform remote-logging and live-logging. It enables you to glean useful information from logged data to facilitate bug-fixing, pinpointing customer reported issues, monitoring, tracing and analyzing the execution of your software in real-time, and much more! Crypto Logger is the ideal logging framework during development, on production systems or on remote customer sites.

Crypto Logger consists of two parts - the logging library and the logging console:
Logging Library
* Log Simple & Complex Data :
Log messages, numeric/floating point variables, binary data, images, database objects, collections, dictionaries, lists, exceptions and lots more.

* High-Performance :
Supports buffering and asynchronous mode so your software's performance is not affected by logging.

* Supports A Variety Of Log Targets :
Log to files, pipes, tcp, streams and more

* Advanced Log File Support :
Log as binary or text, rotate files based on size and time, encryption support.

* Easy & Flexible Configuration :
Supports simple XML based configuration files with ability to watch config file for changes.

* Flexible Filtering :
Built-in rule-based filtering support as well as advanced filtering via custom filters.

* Extensible :
Develop your own log targets for logging to databases, system event logs, SMTP and more.

Logging Console
* Make Sense Of Your Log Data :
Powerful and easy-to-use console to view, find, analyze and managed log data - turn logged data into useful information!

* Multiple Views :
Segregate log data into different views based on simple rules: manage large amounts of log data, focus on desired parts of the log data.

* Rule Based Markers :
Highlight log entries based on simple rules - keep important information in focus.

* Rule Based Filtering :
Filter log data using simple rules - keep out irrelevant information.

* Track Software State :
Displays the values of logged variables at any point in the log - useful for tracking app resources, app state and more

* Powerful Search :
Search log entries using a variety of criteria - pinpoints desired information quickly even in large logs.

* Real-Time Logging, Live Logging :
Log from your software to the console in real-time using pipes and tcp - monitor and trace software as it runs.

* Multi-Purpose Viewer :
Displays logged images, tables, lists, property sets, textual contents and more.

* Remote Logging :
Log from remote production or customer sites directly to the console using tcp.

Crypto Logger will help you to:
* Pinpoint and fix bugs in your software.
* Resolve customer issues using valuable information from logged data.
* Monitor and analyze your software in real-time.
* Trace and analyze your software running on remote sites.
* Make sense of logged data using the powerful managing, analyzing, filtering and searching capabilities of the Crypto Logger Console.

For more information on Crypto Logging visit,
Crypto Logger For .Net - High-Performance .Net Logging, Supports Remote Logging and Live Logging, Monitor, Trace and Analyse Software During Development, Production Or On Remote Customer Sites

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