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Sep 30, 2004
Programming Experience
I am writing a project to print some labels and I would like the user set their size.
I need to give the user a preview of the label on screen, let him populate with free data, and I would like this "screen" label have the same size as the "printed" one so the user can see exactly how it will be.
For example, if the user chooses a label 70x36 cm, I have to draw a rectangle on the form having the same size, in which he can put labels or barcode or text dragging some controls on it.

Can anyone tell me how to get the right size of the rectangle ?
(i.e. : If I use a Panel, and the choosen label is 70x36 cm, which are the size of the panel... height and width ?) Is there a formula to calculate them to have the right proportions on screen ?

Thank you in advance ...


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