Setting up directx


Jun 3, 2004
Ok, i really need help on this.
I installed DirectX 9.0 SDK on my comp, and it works great, i'm developing a game with it. Now, i'm confused about what pple need to install on their computers inorder to run my game. I know they need Framework 1.1, but i don't get what they need for directx (i'm really hoping the don't need the 90mb SDK), can anyone help me out?
No, they won't need the DirectX SDK just as they won't need Visual Studio installed to run a VB.NET app. All they need is the DirectX Runtime which most new computers have. The most recent version of the DirectX runtime can be downloaded here: DirectX End-User Runtime
gpmaker: you may be interested in the following: (YES, this is a shameless plug) ... it's a nice, easy to use directx wrapper... works in vb6, and the new version that's coming out soon has built in physics based on the newton physics engine (/w joints, vehicle, bouyancy, etc... VERY fun... ) and full dx9 shader support... will have a VERY stable networking engine built-in soon too.... it may be worth checking out... ;)

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