Scrolling a image inside a Picturebox


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Mar 22, 2005
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I have a picturebox on a form. The pictures I want to display in the picturebox are too big to fit into it. If I stretch to fit (make them smaller in this case), the picture doesn't look very good.

I'm thinking that if I add scroll bars to the form and somehow when the scroll bar is moved it fires an event to scroll the picture within the picturebox.

How would I go about using scroll bars to scroll the image either left/right or up/down?
Actually, you don't even need to write code to do that.
If you set the form's AutoScroll property to true and there are controls outside of the visible part of the form, it will automatically position scrollBars that enable you to scroll the form to see the rest of the controls.
So if your pictureBox is bigger than the form and you set the AutoScroll property to True, the form will have Scrollbars that move the pictureBox around.